Robert K.  Sharo

Robert K. Sharo

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First Name * Robert
Last Name * K. Sharo
Username * sharo
Country * United States
City Pittsburgh
Nationality American
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and trained in art and
computers at a young age. In 1994 I purchased
Autodesk's 3D Studio and started training myself in 3D
art/animation. Within the year I started providing 3D
art and multimeda for the corporate, architectural and
legal sectors in Pittsburgh.

In 2000 after earning double degrees in art and
computers I broke into the videogame industry and
started working as a 3D artist making games for the
Playstation 2 and X-Box. 2002 I was hired as a Senior

To create my 3D art I build high powered Intel based
PCs and usually use Autodesk's 3D Studio MAX or Maya.
Textures are created in Photoshop.

My inspiration comes for a wide varity of sources.
Science fiction, fantasy, history, cityscapes, movies,
books, aviation (I'm a licensed pilot), events in my
life and even emotions like love. However after a
painful divorce, the loathing of my x-wife has even
inspired me to create 3D renderings.
But whatever the source of inspiration I very often see the image in my
mind and transform it into the virtual world.

Currently I'm transitioning from environmental 3D
artist(scenes) and moving more into character
modeling/animation. With the evolution of computers
and software my career goals are very organic but
someday I'd like to produce my own videogames and
perhaps run my own studio making effect shots for TV
or the film industry. Dreaming big I'd love to make a
novel I'm writing into a motion picture.

As far as artistic goals I have one: To create (at
least) one indisputable masterpiece. Immortalized by
my art.

If you have any questions I can be contacted at:

Thank you for viewing my art,

Robert Sharo


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